About Us

Big Enough to Serve, but Small Enough to Care

Our Story

Since 2009, Tiny Footprint Distribution has supplied locally produced products to end retailers through its low-carbon-footprint distribution network. Small to midsize food producers need a partner that understands the unique challenges of local food distribution. Drawing from experience in developing food systems from the ground up, Tiny Footprint Distribution provides the means for these important producers to grow profitably and extend their reach.

How We Work

We start by selecting local vendors that make their products sustainably and without any artifical ingredients or preservatives. Demand for these types of products has increased tremendously among consumers, and we support these like-minded and conscious businesses. Our retailer partners of all sizes are looking to stock their shelves with unique and saleable local products – we simply connect the dots, and everyone benefits in the process. Consumers enjoy access to locally-produced goods, vendors and the local economy get the support they need to grow and thrive, and retailers can offer more exclusive products to their customers.


Headquartered in Indianapolis, Tiny Footprint’s large service area allows us to serve multiple states and cast a wide net on local food commodities.