By bridging the gap between local artisans and larger retailers, we help to boost the local economy and get more unique products on the shelves and in consumers' hands.

The Challenge of Local Distribution

As a small food producer, the challenges surrounding distribution are real and can be detrimental to a young company.  From a purchasing standpoint, end retailers can also struggle with the challenges of working with a multitude of small companies each week and need a more organized approach to getting these products on their shelves.

Where We Fit In

Tiny Footprint Distribution understands these realities and we are determined to create viable solutions to the problems and meet them head on with commitment and hard work.  With the aggregation points we have established in Indianapolis IN, Cincinnati OH, Columbus OH, and Louisville KY, our ability to move our vendors’ products out to market each week is unmatched. While our name is Tiny Footprint, we serve more than just a few cities – our distribution strategy allows us to serve multiple states. Our creative logistical strategies allow us to quickly and effectively move product between markets every week. Close proximity  to stores and vendors allows us to decrease the carbon footprint of distribution vs our conventional counterparts.


Located in Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus and Louisville, Tiny Footprint’s midwest food hubs allow us to serve multiple states and cast a wide net on local food commodities.