We help vendors of all sizes get their unique products to highly qualified retailers.

Sales, Exposure & Convenience

Tiny Footprint Distribution strives to be a leader in the aggregation and distribution of All-Natural commodities in the Midwest.  We work with over 150 retail outlets in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky, and are always looking to expand our offerings.

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We work with vendors who offer unique and niche products that larger distributers cannot coordinate and manage. By working extensively with these types of vendors, we’ve developed an effective means for aggregating and distributing their products to retailers in our network.

Your products are evaluated based on these qualifications:

All-Natural – no artificial ingredients or preservatives

Sustainable production methods only

Current Distribution
How else is your product being distributed?

Product Category
Does this product fill a niche that we don’t currently distribute? Can it sell well alongside similar products?

Quality, appealing packaging

What is the value and price point of this product?

Distribution Penetration
How far can we take it in the market, what channels can be served?

Sound like your product? Please complete the vendor inquiry form and we’ll be in touch!